Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Donald Trump says, "Our country is honestly; it's going to hell."

Watch Donald Trump and Chris Christie tell it like it is:

This is a new and refreshing change for politicians


  1. I don't agree with everything the Donald says, but he sure is refreshing from the crowd of political hacks!

    1. I wonder if everyone will be allowed to speak their mind or will it only be allowed in FREE SPEECH ZONES?

  2. the county sure is going to hell. i had a chat with my uncle tonight, his wife/ my aunt heads a college in FL... he said she's having to deal with law sutes from NAACP & ACLU over grades on papers.. if we're going to collapse it's going to be at the hands of up coming generations who you are getting a whiff of right now.. digging up confed graves? deleting history? i call it the BIG STUPID, currently you're seeing the what i, did the math on when i seen this www.nytimes.com/2015/03/22/opinion/sunday/judith-shulevitz-hiding-from-scary-ideas.html?_r=0 and realized these and realized this is amongst the 1st round of the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND babies..


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