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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Time to stack those GOLDEN INKHORN NOTES

Looks like GOLD (and SILVER) is going to sleep 

Time to revert to KING DOLLAR

Start stackin' those GOLDEN INKHORNS

With the advanced technology and embracing of a NEW GLOBAL DIGITAL MONETARY SYSTEM such as BITCOIN I believe there is strong evidence that a transformation into FULL DIGITAL currency is about to be realized worldwide.  In fact it will be common to do all banking via MOBILE APPLICATIONS or "APPS" and the private ownership of assets will be under complete SURVEILLANCE.

For GOLD BUGS who want to PRESERVE THEIR WEALTH you might now consider the new $100 BILLS with their GOLDEN INKORN.  A nice addition to a personal collection this CURRENCY is proven to be a rather useful medium of exchange, a unit of account, portable, divisible, durable, and fungible. 

Cash is trash? :-)  

Other than that here's an old video that has proven obsolete.  Soon Mike Maloney will be mining BITCOINS.

Old GOLD and SILVER pumpers now say DUMP THE METALS

There's been a shift in the wind of the stackers.  They now are dumping the metal:


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