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Saturday, November 23, 2013

The best GOLD and SILVER forum on the internet

Trader Dan's Market Views

This is the best FORUM on the internet to get the latest trend analysis in GOLD and SILVER both SHORT TERM and LONG TERM.  Instead of all the pumpers and doomers that have been preying on people over the last 2 to 3 years Trader Dan's Market Views is a place where you can find some no nonsense information: 

Having looked at quite a few COMMENTS at Trader Dan's Market Views it does look like GOLD and SILVER have a good chance to go back to their 2007 price levels.  For those looking for a buying opportunity in GOLD and SILVER just hang in there for the next 10 years as things settle down much, much, lower.

The News UNIT is expecting to see GOLD and SILVER return to the prices indicated in the CHART BELOW.  SYYenergy7 would disagree but he and his kitty cat Putin will get a reality show very soon:


Here's a guy that gives his silver forecast.  We better all move to Austin, Texas and join the INFOWARS BULLHORN PROTESTORS and keep Austin weird together.  Also remember to buy your GOLD and SILVER from Midas Resources in Minnesota where they have the best prices because Alex Jones says those are the best deals you can get anywhere.  Just compare for yourself.  He promotes what he believes in:

SILVER is going to be the better investment

Watch this video before making a purchase of PHYZZ:

Syyenergy7 and Putin the Cat



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