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Friday, November 22, 2013

INFOWARS TEAM assaulted by Dallas, Texas Sheriff's Deputies

DHS orders Sheriff to assault we the people

*****MAJOR BREAKING NEWS in the, yes, U.S.A.*****

This is America?  Texas?

Alex Jones is not happy.  Plans lawsuit...

Sheriff's deptuies actually said to INFOWARS TEAM, "...we''ll beat your asses..." 

Cameramen, women, reporters, bystanders...VIDEO OF ASSAULT COMING SOON...


Wait a minute!  Who was assaulting who?  Watch the video:

UPDATE for CLARIFICATION:  It now appears that INFOWARS and the crowd here was actually wrongfully assaulted as some new videos are now being uploaded that reveal these findings.  The News UNIT wants to get this story straight...I may pull some of these POSTS as additional FACTS and better video becomes available. 



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