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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Eliminating CASH and moving toward DIGITAL MONEY


Is the U.S. DOLLAR really dying?

I'm not even slightly convinced that it's the end of the U.S. DOLLAR however there is quite a bit of noise about DIGITAL CURRENCY recently even with BITCOIN grabbing the attention of the U.S. Senate.  The usual hubbub that comes from these alleged patriots and truthers is becoming more than annoying however some of it has to be watched closely as to whether or not this can all be confirmed as it will obviously shake up the economy.

An article by former Reagan Administration Treasury Department Official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts can be read at this LINK:

Here's an excerpt from the article LINK above which is rather troubling:

The US economy is already in shambles, with bond and stock markets propped up by massive and historically unprecedented Fed money printing pouring liquidity into financial asset prices.  This month at the IMF annual conference, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers said that to achieve full employment in the US economy would require negative real interest rates.  Negative real interest rates could only be achieved by eliminating cash, moving to digital money that can only be kept in banks, and penalizing people for saving.

It should be noted that the majority of real analysts right now apart from the distractive gloomers and doomers are talking economic improvement that shows quite a bit of upside continuation.  

Waiting for the MONETARY RESET with Mike Maloney


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