Saturday, November 30, 2013

Alleged World Bank Whistleblower Speaks Out

Karen Hudes

This woman says the world is now seeing what the Wizard of Oz has in store for them as she allegedly exposed the global banking system and who's calling the shots.

She is a lawyer and she was fired from The World Bank. :-) 

How the TAX PAYMENTS work in America

60% goes to the Jesuits in the Vatican and 40% goes to the U.K. banking cartel.  Check this out:

"'...and let me tell you how the tax payments work; this I couldn't believe in the beginning but it's absolutely true:  Um--you know when you fill out your taxes and you send a check one place and you send the tax form another place, the check that you send goes directly to The Federal Reserve and they take that check and they send it to The United Kingdom and the U.K. keeps (not the government), the U.K. Banksters keep 40% and then they send 60% on to the Jesuits in the Vatican.  That's what's happening to our tax dollars..."

"Now how are we, how are we financing our government?  We're selling drugs!  We're selling the drugs that we grow in Afghanistan.  We never had any poppies there until the war in Afghanistan.  You think with all the satellites flying all over we couldn't see where the poppy fields are? No, that's how we earn our money.  How the hell does that grab you?  Is that a good arrangement? No, it's not a good arrangement." 
--Karen Hudes 



  1. She's fake! In case you haven't figured it out.

    1. You mean you don't trust ALTERNATIVE MEDIA and OBSCURE YOU TUBE CHANNELS?

    2. Actually he/she is right. Karen is a fake.

  2. "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." ― Voltaire.

    OY VEY!


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