Monday, September 30, 2013

Secure Your Freedom: BUY SILVER COINS

The Silver Bullet Silver Shield Strategy

Chris Duane explains what he calls "The Silver Bullet Silver Shield Strategy."  It's about securing your freedom, showing humanity the way, protecting yourself from this fraudulent system, and being a blessing unto others...

Cory C. used to call this the SILVER RELIGION.  It does sound sort of like THE GOSPEL OF SILVER.  Is Chris Duane a preacher?  I heard BrotherJohnF might be a preacher too.  And how about Sean Turnbull? 

Meanwhile we do have a president that laughs at debt and we have a majority of representatives in Washington D.C. that violate their OATH OF OFFICE.  If the government shuts down what would it really hurt? 

The SYYenergy7 SILVER Strategy

SILVER is going ABOVE $50 in 2014 and he's going to sell some ABOVE $60 and selling in small increments ABOVE $100...This is all based on FIBONACCI and HEBREW CALENDAR measurements...


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