Sunday, September 22, 2013

President Obama Honors America's UNARMED MILITARY Dead

Honor? NO!  This is the UTMOST in DISHONOR!

Is this really our American President America?

Is anyone listening to this man give a EULOGY on the UNARMED DEAD who were massacred at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard by this KILLER Aaron Alexis?  Can you believe this man actually believes that these people died in honor as if they were protecting us while they themselves were UNARMED TARGETS of this TERRORIST?  This is utterly disgusting and makes us to stink in the eyes of the world.  But it is certain to breed more chaos as these OATH OF OFFICE VIOLATORS seek to destroy America.

President Obama wants all America to see how these people that died lived.  They would have been alive (at least more of them) had they been ARMED! 

So these people are not STATISTICS?  What does that mean?  They are HEROES?  I guess you're a HERO now if you're massacred by TERRORISTS while actively employed in some secure government capacity with no way to protect yourself and your family is handed a folded American Flag and a special ceremony is given to you while someone plays Taps.  

President Obama's FULL SPEECH at the Memorial for Victims of The Navy Yard Shooting:

Here's a LONG EXHAUSTIVE VIDEO of the Navy Yard Shooting Memorial and related speakers...LISTEN CLOSELY...