Monday, September 30, 2013

Dave Ramsey: The Christian Finance Guru with all the answers

Tough guy David Ramsey

"...If that happened in my house they'd be laying on the floor looking up."
--Dave Ramsey

Blame the non-biological father who if he layed hands on her then he'd be abusive, etc.  Sorry Ramsey you don't have the wisdom of Solomon on this one!

The real problem here is that the couple is reaping what they've sown from fornication, adultery, and their own ignorance and they seek man to give them the answers in a few minutes on a radio talk show. 

Why are we putting up with this crap you ask?  What did the daughter really do dummy?  VERBALLY ABUSIVE is just mere MENTAL HEALTH TERMINOLOGY.  What did she even say?  This is all Christian entertainment which is really a load of fluff:

Let's all scream together for FINANCIAL PEACE with Dave Ramsey:  What a blessing!