Sunday, September 29, 2013

Are you a Democrat, Republican, or an American?

Demoncrats vs. Repuppetclans

Do we have any Americans left to represent we the people?

The nation is sinking into chaos

The media thrives on destruction and misery


NEW PARTY:  "Republican Tea Party Extremists"

The hatred in America is growing as this nation becomes more and more of a MIXED MULTITUDE.  Notice this DNC Chairwoman here is inventing another CATEGORY for the REPUBLICAN PARTY called "Republican Tea Party Extremists."   She also wants to ignite additional controversy with her own MENTAL HEALTH DIAGNOSIS for these Republicans and diagnose them as IRRATIONAL and NOT PLAYING WITH A FULL DECK....

Don't be an EXTREMIST

The DNC woman above and her mocking of certain Republicans calling them "EXTREMISTS" reminds me of this old sermon by Evangelist Oliver B. Greene:


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