Thursday, April 4, 2013

Facebook unveils HOME


THE PLAN:  To get everyone to work as GLOBAL SLAVES

Remember the saying "E.T. phone home?"  Can you keep up now as many run to and fro and knowledge is increased?  The wise shall understand. 

Does America and the wildebeest herd get this?  I doubt it: 

Facebook unveils their Android application (or "APP") called "HOME."  Home?  This is your HOME now people.  Do you feel at home now?  This electronic industry wants to turn people into prisoners and in many ways it already has.  This is nuts!  HOME my ass!  

Now you can run your life via FACEBOOK (which I call Farcebook) and you can advertise every aspect and every inch of your life daily for all to monitor including your nanny government.  This is where this is all going.  Am I being too vague here?  Figure it out yourself.  You want the strong delusion?  Well you're about to get it in full measure and quite honestly God is going to have his way with them that have pleasure in unrighteousness.  

This is probably too "preachy" for some of you.  Well too bad because God is going to be glorified here on The News UNIT whether you like it or not.  And he shall come again to be glorified in his saints.  Even so, come Lord Jesus:

Behold the gods of Apple, Google, Facebook, Nokia, and Blackberry and whoever else makes all these gadgets.  Apple is even going to make a smart phone that can virtually right itself if accidentally dropped. 

In a society where there is scarcely a HOME anymore you can get the FACEBOOK APP now and be right at HOME.  We will all end up living a life of continuous and complete electronic interaction.  FUCK IT and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!  I hope you make a FUCK APP too where you can all FUCK YOURSELVES!

Many of you don't pay attention and there's no way I can spoon feed a bunch of people here via The News UNIT for one $10 donation over the last two years but I want to leave you with one more important bit of information: There is another company on the move to make technological slaves out of us all and that is Cisco (CSCO):  You don't know what's going on with Cisco these days do you?  Well watch this video close and especially listen to what is being said here if you have ears to hear.  All these companies are working together and if you cannot figure it out then too bad for you: 



"...The next big thing?  We're going to wake the world up and watch with eyes wide as it's gets to work.  Cisco--tomorrow starts here."

The world will be coming together as one


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