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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lindsey Williams Predictions Reviewed

Pastor Lindsey Williams:  The man of God

Lindsey Williams has more information coming DECEMBER 4th.  I know everyone makes some error sometimes but I'm going to give the guy some credit because he sticks his neck out there.  I am really tuned into what he is about to say on DECEMBER 4th.



  1. December 4th he will likely say that same stuff he has been saying. "The dollar is now officially dead" according to some measurement that only he uses to determine the death of a currency, and then maybe something about how you need to get out of your IRAs and 401ks (sound financial advice from a man who has zero financial background), etc. It will be 59 mins stuff we have already heard him say and 1 minute of some so-called "new material" that really means nothing.

    Sorry. Just saying... this guy is a complete clown.

    1. Oh yes I can see right through this guy and many an alleged preacher. I'll be posting as usual. :-)


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