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Thursday, September 27, 2012

More Silver B.S.

Bill Murphy who is the head of this "GATA" nonsense is a legend in both his own mind and those of his followers like SGT B.S. and so forth.  

So why is GOLD and SILVER not reached those ridiculous pumper's prices over the last two years?

ANSWER:  It's simply intentional manipulation by these gold and silver pumpers because these alleged gold and silver advocates are all traders just trying to run their options and futures contracts to their advantage. The US DOLLAR is here to stay until the currency is devalued or reinvented. If and when that happens the value of gold and silver which is currently valued in US DOLLARS will be valued by the new currency which will ultimately result in devaluation of both currency and precious metals.

I think Ann Barnhardt has about the most accurate and sensible assessment of the economic disorder and what to expect.  You can listen to her recent interview here: 


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