Friday, July 27, 2012

YHWH God and The Holy Spirit is Speaking

Things are coming to pass as men and women of God are speaking out.  All that we have is Jesus and him speaking some new prophecies now.  Chuck the word of God and just find someone who says "God spoke to me..."

It is often being reported that YHWH God is moving and speaking through his prophets and prophetesses.  I will be posting these very important things now that God is allegedly speaking so it's time to pay attention to these people that God speaks to.  Remember all these things are from the Lord and all that matters is how he speaks to your heart.

The most important thing is to be non-judgmental in all of this and just receive it as God speaks to you in all of this.  (Whatever it is)

As for me if I ever hear a voice from God I'll still consider it a voice of a devil or even Satan.  I know I'm such a blasphemer and shall continue to be so:

So then if you are so important that God speaks to and through you lets watch your God bring all this bullshit to pass.  And if this god be God then worship him.  But if God be God worship him.  Choose this day whom you will serve...


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