Thursday, July 26, 2012

Conspiracy ALERT: Are we being lied to?


When you see this guest on INFOWARS I can't help but question there is any integrity in INFOWARS:

G4T, George Hemminger, George4Title, George4Vlogging, and now ""...what next?...How about a shower cap, some makeup and a story on nuclear fallout?  

When INFOWARS has this guest on if you've been carefully observing "alternative news" for some time you should question any of what these groups are dishing out.  My red flag is up even higher now than it ever has been: 

If there really is a POLICE STATE coming down on us, the lies from these subjects have been too deep now for people to take them seriously.  They have been crying wolf for too long now in pretense and now if the big bad wolf really does arrive then nobody cares: 

As for UNDERSTAND YOUR RIGHTS, FREEDOMS, and YOUR REBELLION AGAINST AUTHORITY, it goes a bit deeper than the U.S. Constitution for those with true wisdom and understanding.  No I'm not talking about the wisdom of this world; I'm talking about the wisdom of God: 

This video below has finally settled it for me about THE MEDIA.  Even the "alternative media" is just another group of talking heads that are full of mischief.  Whether they are telling the truth or not at any given time just needs to be accurately assessed:


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