Sunday, April 29, 2012

Secret Service Scandal Spreading Worldwide

The U.S. Secret Service has INFO-BABES in Russia?
They actually look good with their clothes on don't they?
To learn what an INFO-BABE is CLICK HERE
We the people (or "we the sheeple") are going to find out now where more of our TAX DOLLARS are going.  More reason the buy GOLD and SILVER?  There actually could be something to that.  I think it's time to get the rest of the 99% to buy silver.  I'm going to buy this week's dip I think and join the "truthers" and "patriots" to not only crash JPM but to declare a financial revolution on our government's tyranny, oppression, and global whoredom and prostitution rings.  Onward INFOWARRIORS!  (and INFOBABES from Russia too of course)

Send Svetlana, Olga, Elena, and Yudmilla over here with some hot full-auto ammunition.  We can do much better than the Secret Service can do:

Leave it to good ol' Russian T.V. U.S.A. eh? :-)

See you don't need those assault rifles!
I think it's time to hire some INFO-BABES to be in our SECRET SERVICE. No more men!  Men need to stay at home now and cook and lift weights in the basement while she goes off in the Secret Service, Special Forces, TSA, etc. I'm all for it.  I might actually fly more if they worked for the TSA and wanted to put their hands down our pants.  I wonder if Jesse Ventura would start flying again?  I bet there would be lines at the terminal and every male worth his unit would refuse the full body scanner and want the pat-down instead?

Chicks dig "The Hungry Duck" in Moscow.  Chicks with guns---or "INFO-BABES".  If you missed the story on the Secret Service Party at the Pley Club in Columbia here's the link: 

Wank Out Day is Coming:
If you're like me and you cannot afford to have a trip to Columbia or Moscow paid for by U.S. Taxpayers and "we the sheeple" then join the MAY WANK OUT DAY WORLDWIDE:


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