Monday, April 30, 2012

Physical silver is useless

Raw Dog here has a good message about physical silver:

Raw Dog and those of you who are monitoring these events YOU NEED TO STUDY THESE LINKS AND LISTEN TO THE PROGRAMS.  You will find out some things about these men and you need to be careful: 

The News UNIT knows the history of many of these subjects: 
(remember now when reading these posts they have been posted at different dates---pay attention to those dates too.  Very critical study.)

Bill Murphy from "GATA" (about as useless as the NIA):
Here's another goofball from GATA that Lauren Lyster just interviewed on her "Capital Account" show.  (This gal is actually rather smart and needs to get out of the RTTV scene eventually--and please Lauren, don't be an INFO-BABE either...)


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