Monday, January 30, 2012

Gerald Celente Warns of GOLD CONFISCATION

The FASCISTS are coming for the GOLD:

Gerald Celente appears on an AUDIO INTERVIEW here on King World News and he discusses the recent FOMC announcement and how it relates to the moneychangers who continue to rape the American people.   Gerald Celente is concerned with GOLD CONFISCATION:

If anyone knows where to order some fake gold plated tungsten bars or equivalent let me know in a COMMENT below.  I'd like to have some on hand for the confiscation.  It would have to be gold plated though so when they test the surface it passes.  Wouldn't that be fun to hand them a bunch of that?  If people are smart they will start stacking PYRITE or FOOLS GOLD.

A word about TUNGSTEN
Although it appears TUNGSTEN might become a precious metal after all.  Maybe that's why they are after GOLD actually?  Ever think about that? :-)
They know most of it is gold plated tungsten.  The holders don't know this of course: 


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