Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Japan is moving to China

The Japan Economic Evacuation

Japan moving to China "Just in time":

Has anyone noticed Japan lately?  Japan is moving many of it's operations and people to China and you will see less of MADE IN JAPAN for electronics but rather MADE IN CHINA.  Those of us who are somewhat electronics savvy are not certain whether this will improve the quality of electronics MADE IN CHINA or will cause a degradation of quality from the former MADE IN JAPAN items.  One thing I do notice is the NIKKEI is looking rather bearish to the point where it is about to crash. 

If you don't already know this the country of Japan has been ruined by Fukushima and there are reports that another nuclear plant is having problems and has the potential to become a greater tragedy than that of the March earthquake and the resultant Fukushima meltdown. 

Right now there isn't much being said about what is really going on in Japan although there are some sources with limited information.  But this is about to stir the global economy again here real soon with more problems.

Here's a little review of "Just in time" and Japan.  Gary Yantis covered this while the media was still covering the Fukushima fallout however this has since been somewhat swept under the carpet temporarily.  But it will soon surface again as Japan is crumbling---literally!


Here is a good source to monitor what is continually in progress in the aftermath of Fukushima nuclear meltdown:  http://fairewinds.com/