Friday, April 2, 2021

The men of God of OSAS (and women prophetesses, dreamers, and visionaries)-THE WACK PACK IS HERE


The Wack Pack is here

OSAS Grace Community of You Tube

Wackadoodle Samoan is going to hit the streets of Sacramento, California and preach the gospel of OSAS: (1 COR 15.1-4; EPH 2.8-9; ROM 10.9-10)

Behold Wackadoodle Samoan is going to lead people to his channel, J.D. Farag, Tim Henderson, Barry Scarbrough, and more...

We are in the final moments before the RAPTURE...this is THE FIG TREE GENERATION...

If these people are of the Lord then I'd rather serve the Devil and Satan!