Monday, December 10, 2018




I'm not a MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL but when I take an honest look at this with my sound mind I believe what we see here are SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTS AND THEIR DESTRUCTIVE RAGE. They need to seek some real help:
-The News UNIT

Here's what happens when The News UNIT stops BROADCASTING LIVE for 48 hours:

I'm mentally ill again and need to seek help?

What's the diagnosis?  I'm not sure:

Get help but don't seek God or the HOLY BIBLE?

TNU aka Dave
I'm gonna give some life advise and talk shit to you. So be prepared because it's from the heart. I've been privileged to be part of, listen to, and add a tiny bit of humor to your broadcast. The CREW of characters are/have been some of the funniest people on the planet. Some where for you it went fuckin sour and you became even more bitter. Get that "even more". Now, in the beginning I was very sympathetic n empathetic towards your situation, etc, etc. I'm fair and neutral on many things. I've observed and even went into the Archives of your videos. Every single one of these MEN have given advice, assisted, suggested so many things to improve ones self, You. They even talked shit to you in this same manner to maybe motivate you?
You speak of the Lord n KJV as your calling or beliefs. I may or may not agree. But here's a glaring fact. You dont follow that doctrine as well. If you did you would fully understand the words or teachings. Don't come at me with this shit of what about the other Christians, other peoples beliefs, etc, etc. Those are EXCUSES. Just you thinking this way is 1 of many issues with you. You are bitter, angry, combative, hateful, and pissed off at every thing. Especially to those YOU don't follow YOUR ways or thinking. WTF Dave? Right there is 1(of many) damn issues with YOU. You can not go through life with just constant bitterness and anger. If you read other forms of material to educate, give you perspective, help you, or figure simple life shit out. Please stop with the shit about "Well if it's not in the bible" it's not correct or worth reading. I know right now as you read this, its what's in your mind. Just stop it.

I truly believe this about you and I get tons of SHIT for thinking this. You live your life via the scriptures. You base so much of your existence on the "WORDS" in scriptures. You're standards, principles, values solely based on the scripture are so high its unattainable. Even Jesus wouldn't make it.
The way you VIEW life and others is from this lense that is impossible to meet, gain, achieve, or maintain. Especially for Women and the Standards you set. Oh Shit. Impossible for any woman to come close.
I'm gonna let you in on a little secret about women. Just having a large cock is not always the solution. It helps of course. But. Not the true answer. Dave, in your mind you think you please a woman with the physical stuff. In reality, you bore them with your mind. I know this . I have a small penis but a giant mind. I make love to women with their minds. They adore me and will always remember me. I'm not hating on you Dave. You don't have GAME with women. I'm not gonna get into a Cock vs Cock with you. Please, just take my advice. You can't and won't compete with me on women in your present form. I speak of YOU and not others on this topic. I know your game, thinking, mind concerning women. I dont want to hurt you any more than you currently are. Fuck my EGO is getting just a bit out of hand. See I take small things and turn them into giant things.
Am I motivating you Yet DAVE?

Life is not easy nor should it be. People are not evil. Everything is not necessarily good or bad. You view things from this POV that is impossible for anyone, anything, etc, etc to satisfy. You so bad want a time or ERA which does not present itself. You crave for the old days of simplicity, obedience, lifestyle all the things we once had. I'm sorry the world nor people fully live in that mindset. Yes, we create our small pockets of "Oasis" to live. To fully want what you cry about. Sorry. If you want that. Move to a island with your 50 personalities and make love to yourself. That's as close as you will get to YOUR Nostalgic dream ERA. You learn to adapt, adjust, and move forward. Being bitter sucks. Being angry sucks. Being judgmental of others sucks. You judge the fuck out of things. You wonder why you get all these destructive things occurring to or at you? Shit, Helen Keller who is blind can see your shit a mile away.
To strip it down and end this longwinded POS wording.
End the fucking Anger, Bitterness, Combative, or NEGATIVE shit.
Its fucking DEPRESSING. We enjoy your channel for the ENTERTAINMENT or ENTERTAINING parts. NOT to be fucking depressed and wanna fucking suicide. I'm A Jap an listening to you makes me at times wanna fucking suicide.
Am I Motivating YOU YET, Dave

Last point: Get or Seek Help in some form. Don't seek it via the Bible. Based on current situations the bible hasn't been kind to you. Of course it's not the Bibles fault. Its YOU Dave and not others.



Dave you are not a follower of Jesus there's very little that shows me you believe in Jesus i asked you once how do you apply Jesus into your life you couldn't tell me STOP PRETENDING now as far as you being strike-ed down  it's ure fault because you never listen to any advice
you are like a little boy that won't take advice from the adults .
STOP PRETENDING you  believe in jesus anyone can read the bible & pretend
what have you ever done for jesus?
& the fact is Dave jesus never existed he's just a pagan concept of god made flesh .the fact is you pray to him but he doesn't answer your prayers because he;s not real
your life is a complete fuck up,but you keep holding on to your alleged Jesus because that's easy you have no clue why your life is so fucked up
you can't even grasp the concept of introspection you are going to die never ever have reached your goals. but keep holding onto your nonsense ;you have zero clue why your such a fuck up you are a 51 year old man with too much time on his hands you trolled for months those dumb Resistance chicks  ,& other nonsense what kind of man does this? wake the fuck up Dave in all the years i have known you i have never ever been able to reach you on any deep level everything to you is a joke you lack substance  you can't grasp anything on any deep level you are mentally ill immature man when  are you gonna grow the fuck up? you are a 51 year old man never been married ,& you have never ever been or had been  in a deep relationship with anyone on any deep level you are superficial. you are fucked up in the head on so many levels the problem is you hang around people that enable your bull shit this is your wake up call, pal walk like a man 
it's about time your fucking so called crew of buddies tell you the truth you are a complete fuck up
they laugh at you only hang around you for shits & giggles you are only good for shits,& giggles ,& nothing more you are a sad little man.
im sick of your bull shit wake the fuck up stop your bull shit & fuck your bible
go see a fucking head shrink go find out why you are such a fuck up
your so called buds don't care about you ------------------------------


big ass Ford truck
Dave can't fuck Andrea in her tight wet pussy because his penis is small
it can't fit into the hole. his  penis is smaller than SPJ

Dave's Christmas present for Andrea
i heard Dave is leaving youtube? I asked Jesus to ban Dave.
Jesus hates Dave.
i hope the FBI pays him another visit,& he ends up in federal prison
for cyberstalking
i also asked Satan to help ban Dave just encase Jesus was too busy
Let's just ban Dave & report him to the FBI stupid pollock
praying he gets cancer is too mean let's hope the FBI bans Dave
oy vey ismir why do you have the alleged Head & Shoulders pattern with
4 moving averages. this type of pattern seeing is a waste of time..
strike that 3 moving averages
OK, I'm not gonna say anything about it.
Pretty colors
NOT gonna say anything . it's a great chart
Dave's leaving YouTube and tacos not saying anything are great
inductors of an incoming Bo Polny collapse
im glad Dave is leaving . it's about time
I admire his steely resolve
NO really , the H n S  pattern is dumb ,& a waste of time. seeking out
patterns is a waste of time. I never talk about patterns because I
think it's a waste of time..
Dave should commit Sue-we-side
& do the world a favor
he's worthless
Really, stop looking for patterns in charts that's not gonna help you
You're only this hard on people you like. What about people you don't
like? Damn. Lol
well Dave is a loser & he needs to realize it, & wise up..
Dave is stupid.
if Dave sue-we-side himself I wouldn't miss him
in  Real life i would never hang out with Dave he's white trash making
videos while pooping that's low class
enough said
I shouldn't have to be the only one to keep it real with him he's a loser
only way he's gonna learn to be a better man is to realize he's a god damn loser
What should Dave do? Get a therapist? Get a job? Meds? What's Tacos' 5
step plan for Dave?
Dave needs to forget about Jesus & he needs to stop pretending he
knows the bible ,& then find out why he's such a loser,& go see a sex
therapist,& join some men's group,& figure out why he has a fear of
PUSSY. & stop being a dip-shit loser & maybe try to get some hair
Dave is a loser .
I think Dave could use a psychotherapist. Real men don't troll women
on line. that's what little boys do.
I think Dave should watch "What About Bob" to get him warmed up.
his behavior on line is the behavior of a mentally ill person I think
Dave is mentally ill worse than SGM,& he needs to realize that he's
dumb, he's just a classic autodidact dunning Kruger
Dave is DUMB I bet his IQ couldn't break 100
Listen, Dave isn't going to listen to us or ever act upon our good advisement.
Dave is a loser he needs to go find a way to fix himself .
Dave is a born loser white trash .
I dare Dave to quit YT, cold turkey
white trash make record youtube videos while taking a shit god damn
just think what the FBI must of been thinking when he saw his video,&
had to interview him thinking I am wasting time on this clown
Dave is a loser shitty charts shitty content shitty white trash life style
dave is a POS
We need to at least offer him a 5 step plan, Tacos. I'm an educator
and you can't just call kids names.
i mean Dave is a fucking Joke,& the sad part is his so called crew of
friends are too scared to tell him the truth DAVE YOU ARE A FUCKING
DAVE IS A LITTLE BOY someone should of punched his lights out
Ok, we get tasty, Tacos, but little boys can be helped. They crave
structure. So, what is our recommended easy 5 step plan?
That, not tasty
& HE doesn't know dick about the bible he's just pretending fuck you
dave. go drown ureself
Maestro plan...

#1 Move out of mom and dad's home.
i don't care to help Dave anymore because he's trash over the years I
tired to help him fuck him let him die of cancer
I'm gonna ask jesus to give him cancer lol
Maestro plan...

#2 Get a job. Any job. Just to create an honest routine.
NO really, the problem with Dave is he only has Yes, men around hardly
anyone tells him the truth . just like when I used to tell you TMW you
have shitty charts it's for ure own good.
he can't get a job that will pay him more than his pension,because
Dave is a loser banned from ATC
Maestro plan...

#3 Turn off the internet, take walks, read books instead of YT or
other fantasies
he's just white trash
lol Dave doesn't even know that he's a mammal he thinks those pretty
fish looking things @ the Florida sea world are a kind of fish lol
Maestro plan...

#4 Enroll in a counseling plan, both 1 on 1 and group therapy format.
Must admit that you're only a human.
you know those pretty fish looking things humans like to pet & they
love humans & like to sing ?
what are they called Dollfins something
Listen, Dave can't be helped cause he's just a bum
I'm conflicted with #5 and request Tacos' help
Dave doesn't know that humans are mammals
Dave needs to stop being a little mommy boy, & find out why he fears
sex with women . he's a 51 year old virgin
Well, Dave's breasts don't produce milk and he's never ejaculated so
it's understandable to think he's not a mammal
OK good Dave joins a men's support group; gets hair plugs; seeks some
emotional one On One therapy that's a basic start
Dave DOES NOT KNOW HE'S A MAMMAL he thinks dolfins are a kind of fish
lol yes, i am spelling it wrong for effect
I mean if I didn't ejaculate, I would think I was a monk
Dave is in worse shape than SGM
Poor SGM. I'd really like to know, conclusively, off he's alive
Dave never had sex with anyone women or man. I think Dave is gay,but
is too scared to act on it but he sure loves to see naked John naked
Hmmmm. He does get giggly w John
SGM is MIA hiding out from his pissed off subs that he took money from
for mining rigs of which he never done
Dave loves to see watch naked john naked he's like a happy kid .
Dave might be either ghey or bi mostly I think dave is gay
Hmmmm. That may touch upon something that happened to Dave in his childhood.
if he's gay just be gay sucking dick could be fun..
Well, he's been seen sucking on a banana once
at least he doesn't have to deal with smelly hairy pussy
yep, he sucked on a banana once
smelly pussy or being Gay? I'll be gay
being gay could be fun. Heck I see gay men all the time . I get
offended if they don't check me out
im a tall dark haired sexy white guy .
Huh. I'm never offended about that, lol
i want men to find me sexy
Ok, that's weird
i mean sure butt fucking Gary , the small penis Jap is fun but I could
use a real big man
You might need a5 step plan...
Dave is a real big man. Hmmmm...
Ok, you are distracting me I gotta finish my correct call video I'll
be done in like 15 min
SgM was a real big man. Hmmm...
Nah, Dave's penis is small .
SGM is a big guy but any dude can be taken down .
Ok, gotta finish said video ..
the people need me.
Be sure to put a banana on your chart
nah , parabolas
Dave's here. Dave, rumor has it that you quit. YT. I'm proud of you, Dave.
listen , I gotta go we can record a video making fun of Dave