Friday, August 9, 2019

The News UNIT can no longer do any YOU TUBE VIDEOS---PERIOD!


The News UNIT

Notice:  No one really cares...

...I'm under different rules:

I've been completely shut down by YOU TUBE/GOOGLE and can do no broadcasts live or even upload any videos at all.  I notice that my accusers try to tell me that I'm endorsing and glorifying violent criminal organizations and acts.  Amazing accusations!  This sounds just like the accuser of the brethren who is Satan.  I now conclude that The News UNIT has been directly attacked by Satan:

The days of freedom and liberty (falsely so called) are coming to a close.

And also notice if you read this link that YOU TUBE continues to find fault with many of my old videos from time past.  They are carefully constructing  a continuous barrage of censorship one video after another to keep The News UNIT shut down for good:

Unless something changes the very earliest I could be back is sometime in the first or second week of November.  Until that time there will be NO VIDEOS AT ALL even on my other channels.  Even the DARK MODE BROADCASTS have been shut down.