Saturday, August 10, 2019





The News UNIT waves goodbye:


It seems you can check out any time you like but you can never leave...

Many of you think I'm not going away and you claim I'll be back.  But I won't be back! It's bad enough to even have INTERNET as the INTERNET is undergoing a rapid change of blocking free access to news and information.

We are now in a VERY EVIL CASE where the intrusion of technology has gone too far and the aspect of all this PEACE AND SAFETY along with SURVEILLANCE OF EVERY ONE OF US has caused me to rethink all of this.

You really can't leave FACEBOOK as they keep all your data and at the click of a button you can come back to the Devil there and Satan.  It's almost a 'once in never out' scenario and is a very creepy situation.  

As for YOU TUBE and GOOGLE and even APPLE it's almost the same way with end users having to chose smart phone operating systems of either GOOGLE or APPLE.  The world is trapped and looking back now 'MA BELL" was actually a better alternative and all we needed.

Also, if you haven't noticed the internet lately with many news websites and other places requiring subscriptions and turning the ADBLOCKER into an unusable feature you know this is all heading for additional 'fee for service' plans to keep the cost on the increase.  It will also further the expansion of monitoring our activities even beyond what you can possibly imagine:

So for those of you who enjoyed the open forum of The News UNIT it is now finished.  We know now that free speech, free expression, along with other freedoms and liberties and free access has now reached THE BEGINNING OF THE END for the END USERS.  People are backing out and even Jesse Ventura doesn't own a CELL PHONE.  

I want to thank those of you who sent some things to me recently and I appreciate your sense of humor in much of The News UNIT activity.  My hands are tied now from YOU TUBE and GOOGLE's ongoing enforcement of their obscure guidelines and the inability to communicate with them regarding their strikes against us and shutting down video capabilities.  I also realize there really seems to be much selective enforcement going on as explained by other channels involved more heavily in the censorship war.  

I wish you all well.


The News UNIT

P.S. All my channels have been shut down:  There are videos there but there will be no more of them uploaded at all ever again. I may also close these channels and my websites soon also when I get around to it.  The weird thing is it seems like the ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA COMPANIES don't let you quit entirely.  They want you shut down but it's still a "once in never out" situation.  It's very strange indeed!

ONE THING IS CERTAIN:  God will put an end to this by that man that he hath ordained in that he hath raised him from the dead.  I'm looking forward to THAT DAY.  In the meantime we have to deal with THE EVIL DAY in this PRESENT EVIL WORLD:

Even so, come Lord Jesus!