Friday, July 12, 2019

The USA Evangelical Christians are paving the way for the Antichrist with President Trump





Paving the way for the (Antichrist)

the man of sin the son of perdition

that Wicked

I am strongly convinced that we have may world Evangelical Christian leaders that need to be marked because they have caused divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine of Christ and have all the while masqueraded as children of light but are actually children of another light and that is the light of Lucifer.  These are children of the Devil and Satan and are actually calling themselves 'Christian.'  No doubt Satan is transformed as an angel of light and these days we are in are those where evil men and  seducers are waxing worse and worse deceiving and being deceived.

People that also call themselves 'Christian' and also like to describe themselves as 'truthers and patriots' are also very dangerous and deceptive with loads of fake news and all manner of false teachings for filthy lucre's sake.  These wicked men (and women) also love to have men's persons in admiration because of advantage.  They promise many things pertaining to 'liberty and freedom' but they themselves are the servants of corruption according to the scriptures.

The main thing is things are happening according to the scriptures and to that I say even so, come Lord Jesus:

You cannot stop what is happening today and those of the TRUMP #MAGA JUDEO-CHRISTIAN RELIGION are teaching that Trump is bringing us into the kingdom of God.  You may also wee a NEW HOLY BIBLE produced and further ADDENDUMS  and REVISIONS of the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.  Watch the Trump dynasty and all the congregation that surrounds him.  These are very wicked people such as but not limited to:

  • Doug Hagmann of The Hagmann Report (and all his cronies)
  • Steve Quayle
  • Pastor Lankford
  • Skywatch TV Network and those involved
  • Reverend Paula White-Cain
  • Alex Jones and his affection with many of these big time false preachers
  • Reverend Rodney Howard-Browne
  • Prophet Mark Taylor from Orlando, Florida
  • Troy Anderson and Paul McGuire (alleged prophecy experts who have ministries)
  • Many in 501(c)3 NON PROFIT 'ministries'
  • President Trump 'The Trumpet'
  • VP Mike Pence (Trjmp's assistant pastor)
  • loads of women preachers and teachers and even psychic who are calling themselves 'Christian'
  • SGT REPORT and Sean Turnbull and many of his contacts
  • Pastor John Hagee
  • loads of alleged 'conservatives' who wear #MAGA HATS and many are former ACN PYRAMID SCAMMERS.
  • ....and many many more....