Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Joe Hagmann rests in peace with Jesus after dying of a heroin overdose

****REST IN PEACE?*****

Joe Hagmann

DEAD at 36 years


Joe Hagmann dies of HEROIN OVERDOSE

So Joe Hagmann was a junky?

Was it Christian heroin?

The finest Christian Truthers & Patriots

So now Doug Hagmann the father of Joe Hagmann makes his announcement about his son.  And these guys were private investigators and big time connected with law enforcement, etc.

Also they were top Christian truthers and patriots who were connected with the best of God's chosen men such as but not limited to Pastor David Lankford and Steve Qualy and many other leading evangelicals even across the TRUMP #MAGA JUDEO-CHRISTIAN RELIGION.  

Something is most assuredly wrong here folks!  Way off base!  And now DONATE SOME MORE YET?  So much for knowing what's going on right in front of you with your son and heroin.  

Very interesting things are happening folks and the judgement of God is about to come down on a lot of fakers out there.  Stay alert, watch and be sober:

I'm sure all Doug and Joe's evangelical pals will say all good things and that Joe went to  be with the Lord. The rest of us are damned to hell and condemned by these false brethren.  Even so, come Lord Jesus:

Watchman Alexander says, "...we lost a good man in the kingdom."  So we lost a good man in the kingdom of God?  

THE BOBBY ALLEN TRUTH FACTORY can't get his age right and says Joe Hagmann was 30.  Are these people for real?  This guy looks like he had a few shots in the morning already.  Or maybe he shoots up something else besides?