Saturday, July 6, 2019

Cryptocurrency investors are getting bored with BITCOIN and CRYPTOS



Are they quitting?

It's no fun anymore...

They are CASHING out for CASH now:

Trevon James....

Jsnip4 is going for PPT or Populous now...

What he doesn't tell you is he has his PPT locked in a wallet and you can no long buy or sell it on Binance so he will sell it to his 'peeps' on Patreon for a slight 'deal.'

You buy PPT so you can look at it:

IMHO people are trying to get out of a load of SHIT COINS now and they will do anything and everything to get into BITCOIN and HIGHER CAP COINS.  They are up all night looking at the market and are doing whatever they can to pump & dump against anyone and everyone else they can find.  This market is about to COLLAPSE into a MAJOR CRYPTO COLLAPSE very soon:

Some investors like "Dan with the plan" who used to be "DibiByte Dan" is jumping in an out between Bitcoin (BTC) and Chain Link (LINK).  He claims there's a whole lot of excitement about LINK:

These guys sound like they are really having an exciting time in the cryptos don't they? LOL