Friday, December 28, 2018

Reggie Middleton and VERITASEUM are the answer to the U.S. ECONOMY and MARKETS

******WALL STREET will become VERITASEUM*****

CEO Reggie Middleton will rise soon:

*****Trump will seek Reggie Middleton to run U.S. MARKETS*****


*****It's all about VERITASEUM*****

Learn Veritaseum!

You thought it was TOO LATE?

First the reader needs to learn more about who Reggie Middleton is and what he is about.  He will be playing a MAJOR ROLE in the world economic system very soon:

We have been closely monitoring BITCOIN and other cryptocurrencies and now especially new developments with VERITASEUM and CEO Reggie Middleton that were unfortunately overlooked by many except for Bix Weir and Jsnip4.  Jsnip4 became quite wealthy with his VERITASEUM investment and also LITECOIN. 

It's hard to keep track of these cryptocurrencies in this rapidly expanding and emerging GLOBAL MARKET where we are now moving BEYOND BITCOIN to establish a new paradigms shift in our world today.  These are exciting times for those who can handle HIGH RISK and HIGH REWARD investments and they will own a piece of the new paradigm shift with proper cryptocurrency exposure:

The Veritaseum Solution

Bix Weir (another cryptocurrency expert) recently revealed (possibly through remote viewing with Dick Allgire and Clif High) that VERITASEUM will take the place of the following entities and will take the place of all the rigged markets:

  • the COMEX
  • the LBMA
  • the New York Stock Exchange
  • the entire world government
  • world banks
  • IMF
  • Wall Street
  • U.S. Treasury 
  • The Federal Reserve Bank (which will be decommissioned by Trump)

Methinks Veritas the goddess of truth is worshiped here also: