Thursday, December 20, 2018

Jsnip4 has no word on cryptos at all in his YOU TUBE titles




Some say he just sold his LTC recently...?

It is very strange that this guy, or my guy, or my guy's guy, or my guy's guy and his guy or whatever are no longer discussing the cryptos and especially pumping these ALT COINS now that there are so many buying opportunities and the market has made a key turn on DECEMBER 17th.  Very strange indeed!

MY PREDICTION:  Jsnip4 is going to move into a FAKE CHRISTIAN FORM and he will eventually hear from God and get some high level TRUMP #MAGA JUDEO-CHRISTIAN  CHURCH people behind him for the next scam.  

They have to wait for the crypto rally to get going and then they will tell you to buy at the top.  Will we hear from Trader Boss again?  How about THE THREE AMIGOS?  Where DU-RAG DAN and the boys?  Where the wife?  Where's the kids? 

How about Jsnip4 taking us out on patrol so he can turn his lights on his PSEUDO-POLICE CRUISER?  

More shit show ahead....stay tuned...he's going to GET GOD next I'm telling you now!....just watch....