Monday, December 17, 2018

Jsnip4 and his connection with TRUTHER & PATRIOT DEVILS


He will hear from God next...

*****Jsnip4's NEXT DECEPTIVE SCAM*****


*****Peeping and Muttering Wizards*****


NEXT:  It will be God

Prepare for a "MINISTRY"


all manner of "SPIRITUALITY"

If you have any discernment in Christ Jesus and you listen to this you will notice that Jsnip4 mentions Mark Taylor from Orlando, Florida.  Watch now as these unclean spirits with their usual peeping and muttering tactics worm their way into this pseudo-Christian, pro-Trump, #MAGA Make America Great Again group with the TRUMP #MAGA JUDEO-CHRISTIAN CHURCH MOVEMENT.  

If you remember even the psychic connections of Jsnip4 specifically Michelle Whitedove, she talks about God, Jesus, and even the Holy Spirit, but she also mentions "spirit says..." in many of her deliveries.  You have to be well aware of the deception going on here and the strong conspiracy that these devils have to lure people into the "Fake Christians and Christianity" that is so prevalent today across the USA and the entire world. 

Jsnip4 is running out of scams now and he will have to resort to a form of godliness now or get spiritual even perhaps trying to convince people that he had an encounter with God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit to join the ranks of the BIG MONEY CHRISTIAN FAKERS.  And I predict that he's on his way very soon:

He's already mentioning Mark Taylor the prophet from Orlando, Florida.  You know he's already friends with Pastor Lindsey Williams who will be in agreement with him in prayer, and he also has Pastor Dowell on the sidelines just in case he needs some cover from his "Straitway Cult" and that load of deception.  

These vain talkers and deceivers are ready for ANOTHER ROUND OF DECEPTION COMING SOON and I believe it's already beginning right here...