Tuesday, October 2, 2018

THE LAST VIDEOS for various Christians who heard from God

*****You Tube Channels SHUTTING DOWN*****

****At God's direction*****

Katie Bible is Truth:

God is leading her in a DIFFERENT DIRECTION:

Chris Holman recently left You Tube at God's command:

Goodbye my friends, God's calling...

The Vigilant Christian:

He left You Tube but he came back again.  Maybe it was a RESURRECTION?  He always hears from God too:

He actually took down videos where he was crying the blues about being BIPOLAR and all manner of "God told me..." videos because God was sending him into ministry to go to school and come back an ordained pastor...

...so his "The Vigilant Christian" You Tube Channel is gone but he has his "Vigilant Vlog" Channel that remains:

Has God told any other channel creators to shut down?




  1. WTF... Katie Bible's parents could only afford to fix her top teeth?

  2. All or nothing... looks goody otherwise