Saturday, October 6, 2018

God save the king! King Donald Trump

*****COMING SOON!*****





With all the talk of the Trump Administration in the media today you cannot ignore various signs and prophecies that have revealed that President Donald Trump has been appointed by God himself to fit directly into bible prophecy and many Trump prophecies have been already fulfilled:

This is an exciting time and the TRUMP #MAGA CHRISTIAN CHURCH is also rising across the USA and the world.  People are rejoicing to see the day when the kingdom of God rules and reigns here in the USA and ISRAEL.   And so shall it be as we await further prophecies from the current Prophet of God, Mark Taylor from Orlando, Florida:

Various high level Evangelical leaders well versed in Hebrew and Greek texts along with scores of English Holy Bible translations are working diligently to construct a new and completely accurate text of the HOLY BIBLE to be commissioned by President Donald Trump.  President Donald Trump will also by God transform the government of the United States of America into a Theocracy led by Jesus Christ himself along with being make King of the USA.  King Donald Trump will precede the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and will settle many questions through the most excellent scholarship ever conducted in the history of the world and Christendom.  This new HOLY BIBLE will be called:



In this HOLY BIBLE will be THE BOOK OF ENOCH along with many other NEW RECEIVED CANONICAL TEXTS to further understand and wisdom and squelch the many divisions and false teachings that have been promulgated by many Christian heretics over the years past.  It will be a NEW AGE CHRISTIAN CHURCH with PEACE & SAFETY and a TIME OF GREAT REJOICING AHEAD AND PROSPERITY FOR ALL:

This NEW HOLY BIBLE AUTHORIZED (KING TRUMP) VERSION will also adhere to a lost doctrine of Christ concerning CHRISTIAN WOMEN and the women's empowerment movement that Jesus Christ started a long time ago.  Learn more about the HANDMAIDEN'S CONSPIRACY at THESE LINKS:

STUDY HOW President Trump has been prophesied in the Holy Bible: