Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Breaking News: Trump's #MAGA CHURCH REVIVAL SOON as Jesus Christ comes to America


*****Jesus is coming to America*****

*****God's NEW MESSAGE*****


We are awaiting for Prophet Mark Taylor and other leading Evangelical Trump Christians to confirm more of this via PROPHETIC UTTERANCES and the usual "God told me..." messages to come.

Set the HOLY BIBLE aside folks!  (Regardless of what version you have)  Jesus is coming to America soon to rule and reign in righteousness on the Supreme Court.  The Supreme and only Potentate will rule the USA and the world now and the kingdom of God shall come.

God save the King Trump and King Jesus!  This changes all former bible prophecy and we now await further prophetic utterances and messages from God from those who are well connected with God directly and hear his voice:

Moreover Douglas M. Ducote Sr. reports on the latest findings and message regarding who will be replacing Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court...



  1. Now you're with it TNU,.now you've got it

  2. This guy understands it and has it all figured out.. you can learn a lot from him