Monday, April 2, 2018

TRON: The New Decentralized Internet

*****TRON (TRX)*****

*****BIGGER than BITCOIN?*****

What is TRON?

Who is Justin Sun the CEO?

This is being described as BIGGER than Google, Apple, Facebook, and more.  I'm waiting for TRON to eventually get on the world stock markets somehow but it may now do so   Some say this is BIGGER THAN BITCOIN.  I don't know but it's worth taking a look at:

Although I know not how to explain these things I'm hearing TRON (TRX) is bigger and better than ETHEREUM and may even take over BITCOIN in the near future.

The idea of a DECENTRALIZED INTERNET is starting to get the attention of END USERS who want some kind of anonymity.  But how can anyone expect anonymity with a blockchain?

Some also say this is paving the way for the beast 666 or the man of sin, the son of perdition:

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