Wednesday, April 11, 2018

REALIST NEWS is now nothing but FAKE NEWS with Jsnip4


Spreading continuous FAKE NEWS and PUMP & DUMP PROJECTS:

There is NO POSITIVE NEWS in CRYPTOS.  In fact the entire CRYPTO COMMUNITY has fallen.  What has happened is there is now a transformation into a DIGITAL DICTATORSHIP and CENTRALIZED SURVEILLANCE REGIME.  

So what does that mean for BITCOIN and all these CRYPTOCURRENCIES?  I believe it means they are being RESET and RESTRUCTURED.  Perhaps COINBASE and POLONIEX are now going to be the TWO MAIN U.S. EXCHANGES and there will be some EXTREME INSTABILITY as SHITCOINS are dumped and VERY FEW COINS WITH UTILITY WILL REMAIN.

Keep an eye on the TOP 100 and even more importantly THE TOP 40 COINS on COIN MARKET CAP at this LINK. Also watch the SEC and CFTC to shut down various coins and no doubt there will be wallet seizures, and raids ahead.

Remember David Morgan and the LODE COIN PROJECT.?  Watch for new coming out of Puerto Rico also as an alleged CRYPTO COMMUNITY is set up there.  They are getting set up there no doubt!  I see CRYPTO CONFISCATION in my REMOTE VIEWER  Do you?

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