Monday, April 16, 2018

President Trump Supporters Turning Against President Trump

*****Trump Supporters TURN ON TRUMP*****


What happened to #MAGA?

The entire USA is going to be thrown into some very serious chaos now over the Syria attack coupled with all the conflict that continuously plagues the entire Trump Administration in Washington D.C.  This is not going to end well folks!

From INFOWARS and Alex Jones to the Hagmann Report to all manner of truthers and patriots and the huge Christian Trump Cult complete with warrior women and those who believe Trump is God's Trumpet and so forth---this nation is in a big dangerous mess!

Expect more trouble with IMPEACHMENT and who knows what else.  There will also be the likelihood of a constitutional convention to usher in GUN CONFISCATION and utterly destroy the U.S. CONSTITUTION and BiLL OF RIGHTS completely through the lawless lawmakers and oath of office violators.  

There will be no more MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and I believe the U.S./MEXICO WALL PROJECT will also be terminated.

The next generation will receive the NEW WORLD ORDER along with THE MAN OF SIN THE SON OF PERDITION as this NEW DIGITAL DICTATORSHIP and CENTRALIZED SURVEILLANCE REGIME rises to take control of everyone and everything worldwide:

Alex Jones pretty much says FUCK TRUMP now:

Alex Jones FULL SHOW April 13, 2018 "FRIDAY THE 13TH"...

David Knight INFOWARS 4/13/18...



1 comment:

  1. the only thing that might make trump great again is if he takes down syria helping to restore sIavery like obama did in libya. everyone fell to their knees in love when that happened & still miss obama cuz of that.


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