Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Jsnip4's endless LITECOIN and SHITCOIN PUMPING continues

*****It's woo woo time*****


with Jsnip4


"In your f'ing face!" says Jsnip4 over some DRAGONCHAIN or DRAGONCOIN garbage.  Notice he can't even get the name of the coin correct.  Either way these coins are on garbage exchanges like his ETHER DELTA crap.

This guy is really going to pump a failing market now until the whole thing finally implodes.

In your face!  It's over!

Jsnip4 also mocks on about HODLING CRYPTO-CURRENCY and is really getting bold about this entire losing prospect.  The whole thing has gone beyond strange now.  Is this some kind of joke or mental illness?  What is going on?  

Oh look now it's a BLOODBATH that's coming to BITCOIN and CRYPTOS...

The remote viewers are all over the place.  They have all the correct calls...

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