Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Jsnip4 now hopes for $200 LITECOIN as MARKET SELLS: What happened to $3,000 LTC?


EXPERT "Enterprise Joe"

Jsnip4 explains market pull back

He didn't say BUY THE DIP

Perhaps it's going lower?

What do the psychics say now?

Enterprise Joe or Jsnip4 understands market sell offs as profit taking.  Now he's hoping for $200 LITECOIN.  He wants that MODEL X TESLA next.

Anyway his Crypto-Psychic mom saw him moving into a new place soon.  Recently we listened to his LIVE BROADCAST where he was boasting of all his upcoming crypto-riches and what he's all going to buy as his lifestyle become that of the rich and famous.  Already a BROKER/DEALER with the Trader Boss handling billions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency sales off exchanges this crypto-expert said recently he feels like a mafia boss.  

Things are looking up folks!  Clif High took a couple months off from his web bot data sets so the psychics and remote viewers keep the Wu Wu going.Always a great source of market predictions and what to expect ahead with Jsnip4 and The Trader Boss.  Stay tuned!

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