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Monday, April 16, 2018

Crypto-Psychic Update and Remote Viewing of LITECOIN and more with Jsnip4

*****Something could happen in April*****

Tremendous Insights of the Future with Jsnip4

The Crypto-Psychic and Remote-Viewing Cult

Remote Viewers Dick Allgire and Daz

With a little Christianity (TheJonathanKleck) thrown is....

"Hopefully nothing happens.  That's all I'm going to say but..."
says Jsnip4....


I Pet Goat and I Pet Goat II prophecy...J.K. Bugout...April 16th to the 30th...remote viewing....major disaster attack....Dick Allgire,....something is going to happen...The Jonathan Kleck...You Tube and Google reveals an attack of the coast of New York....New York and the State of Liberty going under water...the third lunar month (April)....big even to affect markets, NASDAQ, U.S. Dollar,....stock market is going to tank...cryptocurrency...

Are cryptocurrencies going to get destroyed and then rally later.  Jsnip4 says if the stock market crashes people are going to liquidate cryptos to pay for their margin calls.  Then there's the DEEP STATE that could crash both the stock market and cryptos.  How will this affect the crypto market?

Jsnip4 says this is kind of disturbing and something to think about.  And President Trump is in the process of getting rid of the deep state.

Maybe Jsnip4 is hooked in with Q ANON too?  This is all strange to me.  These truthers and patriots have really gone into their Wu Wu World. 

Wait a minute!  I don't think he even mentions LITECOIN anymore...?....

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