Monday, April 23, 2018

BITCOIN BEN announces he's stepping down from the LITECOIN FOUNDATION

*****Bitcoin Ben steps down from LITECOIN FOUNDATION*****

*****Charlie Lee requested this?******

Bitcoin Ben

or Bit Con Man Ben?

Self-proclaimed LITECOIN FOUNDATION member Bitcoin Ben steps down from his volunteer position...THE  LITECOIN VOLUNTEER FOUNDATION MEDIA MARKETING GROUP....

The Bitcoin Ben Meetup for LITECOIN took place on Saturday April 21, 2018 at HOT SHOTS BAR & GRILL in St. Louis.  it was a very unprofessional disaster:

Bitcoin Ben heralds the HOT SHOTS BAR & GRILL MEETUP a real success.  Then Charlie Lee asks him to step down?


All this was was some kind of red-neck beer and chicken wings luncheon with Bitcoin Ben babbling about Bitcoin, Litecoin and cryptocurrencies.  What a joke!

Now he announces he's stepping down from what he calls the "volunteer" LITECOIN FOUNDATION.  I thought he was such a big shot along with Jsnip4 with all these connections with Charlie Lee and LITECOIN:

Charle Lee and Bitcoin Ben

Are they really business associates?

Apparently Charlie Lee wasn't too happy with this. Or is this all FAKE NEWS?  Some say we have a load of these crypt-activists across YOU TUBE acting like they are part of these various teams and they are just nothing but a bunch of con artists and scammers.  Perhaps the SEC and CFTC will take notice:

Jsnip4 also acts like he's on the inside with LITECOIN and has been calling for LTC to rise into the $1,000's soon based on his information and also the prognistactions of psychics and remote viewers  What a team!


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