Monday, April 2, 2018

A Total Crypto Clown Show with Jsnip4



Worship the BEAST CRYPTO 666

This is now beyond strange as the former truthers and patriots have embraced this digital blockchain money system to track your every move.  They call it decentralized when it is in fact not at all decentralized.  Every definition and explanation of all these alleged coins and tokens makes no real sense but these armchair IT experts seem to know everything about it.  To top it off we have the CBOE and CME futures contracts of Bitcoin and during the hype of 2017 this market was incredibly explosive with loads of interest.  

Now all of the sudden things have changed with the overall market capitalization falling sharply and prices dropping across this entire market of crypt-currencies in the Cryptosphere.  

I still think it's a game.  It's a game that includes gamers and IT geeks and somehow it grew into involving Wall Street which in itself is unusual.  But all in all now I believe it is THE END of crypto currencies and the balance of participants and promoters are a bunch of suspicious con artists who are self-proclaimed experts in analysis, courses, and advice.  It's very strange indeed!

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