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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Las Vegas Killer's Brother's story leads to more questions as his story changes


Some say this entire event is very suspicious and likely being continuously staged with a globalist agenda in mind...

Ales Jones suspects Eric Paddock was wearing an earpiece...

The string of events unfolding in the aftermath of alleged Las Vegas shooter Steve Paddock and now these staged interviews with his brother Eric Paddock are starting to reveal startling concerns leading to the current GUN CONTROL ASSAULT ON THE USA:

The GUN CONTROL ASSAULT now upon the USA is all the result of this entire STAGED EVENT and the truth in the news on this Las Vegas shooting is still unknown:

A viewer commented on one of my recent videos:

I can guarantee you all, from an experience of over 30 years of being an investigator. This guy ERIC PADDOCK must be the real PATSY and there never was a BROTHER "STEPHEN" -- That is a CARTOON character based on a man, whose grave says he was buried in 1875 and his name is Stephen Paddock Barnard. Someone got too cute in the Elite and dropped one name, "Barnard" and created this profile overnight with the help of the MSM and FBI. Always remember this, the CIA doesn't have jurisdiction inside the US. The CIA operates outside the US but their pals work for the FBI. This is why JFK assassination was in the hands and control of FBI legend, J. Edgar Hoover. This case will never get solved unless you get a confession from ERIC -- "I also used to go by an ALIAS, my brother, Stephen's name". In reality there was NO brother. So, you will never see his DEAD BODY! ERIC = STEPHEN -- "This is called HIDING THE CRIMINAL IN PLAIN SITE". You would continue to investigate everywhere but you would never consider this. So, call me crazy but if there is ONE real investigator in Law Enforcement anywhere in Vegas area or wherever they are claiming this man lived before (Forget the girl friend angle, she is another PATSY), you would never be able to solve this crime and never be able to find out that ERIC PADDOCK is the real shooter, if the shooting was real. But, even that is a doubtful starter for now. <----- This is what ERIC has been saying on LIVE TV everyday. "My brother's IDENTITY will Fall off the face of the earth" <------- This is what his saying "It felt like an Asteroid fell into earth" means, actually. Show less REPLY

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