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Friday, June 16, 2017

UNUSUAL YOU TUBE VIDEOS: Dave Acton, George Webb Sweigert,


DAVE ACTON, Seth Rich, some recent BOMB THREAT, and a GREATER CONSPIRACY and other craziness is growing on YOU TUBE...


Someone just asked me if I knew what was going on with Dave Acton and I said no.  They asked me about George Webb and I immediately thought they were talking about a local restaurant chain here in Wisconsin that has been here for years.  Now there's some kind of ALTERNATIVE NEWS CONSPIRACY explosion that involves many channels and I was asked to look into this.  Here's a post to start the laborious task of investigative journalism.  Apparently this might be huge and has now caused a BOMB THREAT and I don't know what else.  I don't even know if I really care to try and sift through all these complications:

PEDOPHILIAl, PIZZAGATE, 911 CONSPIRACY, the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION, Vice President Mike Pence, Dave Acton, Linda West (a.k.a. "Morning Mayan." some recent BOMB THREAT, Alex Jones, Megyn Kelly, John B. Wells,  the SGT REPORT, and all manner of YOU TUBE ALTERNATIVE NEWS chatter is going wild.  I'm just COMPILING A WHOLE BUNCH OF CRAP HERE right now and have no idea what to make of it other than it is probably more bullshit from the conspiracy theorists:

Someone told me there's some huge Dave Acton controversy going on on YOU TUBE.  I really don't understand any of this but here it is.  I guess I've been ignoring these channels because to me they are a very strange group of people.  Maybe I'll compile a few things here just in case the FBI, CIA, and officials can keep an eye on whatever this all is:

Who the hell are these people and what are they doing?  

Various channels are doing things that make no sense and now we have a report of a BOMB THREAT by mainstream media that ends up with odd connections to Dave Acton's channel?  I don't know what this all means but I think people are losing their minds role playing on YOU TUBE and causing trouble.  Can you figure this out?

Someone brought this to my attention that Dave Acton's brother is in jail now for a bomb threat?  

I don't get it.  Dave Acton, Linda West, Jason Goodman, George Webb Sweigert, Montagraph, INFOWARS, ....who are all these people? What the hell are they talking about?

The story keeps getting weirder. Everything is a psyop. George Webb, Dave Acton, Robert David Steele (#unrig), Defango, Jason Goodman & the dirty bomb. 

Sounds like people are losing their minds...

What is this a bunch of mentally challenged wackos playing DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS or some other ADVANCED ROLE PLAYING? 



  1. here's all i know so far webb had something to do with shutting down a SC port. montagraph busted on this guy the other week. as a fraud. i ndver heard of webb before that video so i looked him up and the guy has been everywhere on every alt show and started making videos last aug or sept. thats all i got.

    1. This has all sorts of channels and channels I have never even knew about that are talking about this. Even the SGT REPORT is in on this.

      Maybe they are done with BITCOIN now and they have to move on to the next scam somehow? I don't trust any of these people at all. Just more ways to make money for them I guess. They are all into PATRION ACCOUNTS now and since gold, silver, and now Bitcoin died this kind of crap will just get worse.


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