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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wild Bill is not a Judgmental Christian over Christmas or Halloween or even Easter


Let's Celebrate Christmas with Wild Bill

I'm not going to be one of these hissy fit judgmental Christians like Steve Van Nattan is.  Shame on you Steve! Shame on you Reggie! Shame on you Brother James Knox for preaching around Daytona and DeLand! Oh yes, shame on me too especially!

Let's all celebrate CHRISTMAS together:

We sing Merry Christmas and sing Silent Night to tell the world about the Prince of Peace.  Shame on the Christians who don't celebrate Christmas and Easter.  And America bless God again:

Here's my CHRISTMAS CARD to Wild Bill.  Enjoy our New American Christmas.  Now don't be so judgmental Bill:

Just remember if you judge me for embedding this video below remember we have Donald Trump as our President Elect and he is not afraid to grab some Christmas pussy.  So since Trump has Christan Pence along his side keeping him holy for the recovery of our Christian nation don't be so judgmental against me.  Hey either get it right or take a full dose of the dregs of Christmas.  You want me to feed it to you?  I will.

In fact better yet Wild Bill: Maybe God will put you on your side for a season and let you eat some shit like he did with Jeremiah?  Now go join your militia and fight the US GOVERNMENT:   

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