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Saturday, December 3, 2016



Are you in The Spirit of Christmas?

Are you ready for Christmas?

Happy Holidays!

Here's a good sermon to hear while The Spirit of Christmas is upon us now during this time of year and we get all the warm fuzzy feelings of Santa and his reindeer.  These were given by Pastor James Knox of Bible Baptist Church in DeLand, Florida. To some this may be OFFENSIVE.  Too bad for you you thin skinned ones!  So here it is until the YOU TUBE POLICE take it all down.  Someone should start #CHRISTMAS and share this.  Or will this be considered a HATE CRIME to tell the truth? Will it be considered BULLYING?  

I really don't give a damn what is considered by this present evil world or any other preacher who says he's a King James Only Bible Believer and yet he doesn't see the "g" for the "G" in the "God of forces."  I'll take the word of God over anyone's opinion and see how it measures up against it:      

There's something for everyone in the STUDY OF CHRISTMAS:

And now a word from another BAPTIST PREACHER named Pastor Charles Lawson.  I'm sure the Holy Spirit doesn't guide us into all confusion.  So why all the confusion today? Because not all men have the Spirit of God.  They might just be entertaining another spirit and another gospel:

This is a VERY EVIL DAY that we are in now.  And unless you take on the whole armour of God according to the scriptures then YOU LOSE CHI CHI! 

LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW.  You can give your OPINION all you want to.  Can anyone tell what God thinks about it? 


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