Tuesday, November 22, 2016



Where's the US DOLLAR collapse? LOL

There will be no US DOLLAR collapse:

GOLD and SILVER rolling over:

At the time of this post I have this to say about a lot of FAKE NEWS in the NEWS today:

We have all manner of EXPERTS in the NEWS that cannot even begin to disseminate any accurate reporting.  Now don't blame The News UNIT for their shenanigans because i simply watch the news, I don't create it.  These other morons all over the place are dishing out all manner of falsehoods in news and news commentary and we don't know who we can trust and who we cannot.

That's why I prefer weather commentary and forecast discussion along with storm chasing and reporting.  I was out there reporting the facts and actually keeping people safe from severe weather every change I could.  As for the news that's an entirely different story full of deceit and I'm beginning to believe it's mostly comprised of fake, hoax, scripted news reports just put out to entertain a growing society of idiots.

So you think the US DOLLAR is going to collapse with our growing debt bubble?  Think again and CLICK HERE TO SEE FOR YOURSELF how the WORLD'S CURRENCIES ARE ALL FALLING AGAINST THE US DOLLAR:

So the fact is that FOREIGN CURRENCIES are ALL BEING DEVALUED against the US DOLLAR.  What does this tell me?  I'm not sure but I'm going to search the scriptures on this one but even there all the interpretations that many promote are all wrong and are very sadly wrested scriptures meant to deceive people more and more.  

I think we are going to see a TRUMP EMPIRE being set up in America now.  It may be some very good times for this nation and all those who preach Jesus is coming are preaching another Jesus which is not another.  I don't think the coming of Christ is really on the calendar too soon yet and we have to watch this TRUMP DYNASTY that will leave a succession of TRUMP's to lead the nation into a decade or more of peace and prosperity.  It may indeed be the utopia that many people are looking for even in the midst of all the bad news. 

It's time to get back to work and fuck all you lazy slow bellies that entertain and create more problems.  You go on now and sell your prepping nonsense and I'm going to go back to hunting and more fishing.  

I'm glad I voted for Donald Trump.  He is the Savior of America!  And we get to keep our guns-for now.