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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Why would Chelsea Clinton who makes $6 MILLION ANNUAL SALARY need more money?

I guess they just need MORE MONEY

Especially when it comes to NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS:

You might consider sending Chelsea Clinton and these Clinton Foundations more donations. They need millions and probably even billions soon.  The rest of us can survive making less than $20 and families can survive alleged middle class salaries that seldom exceed making $60 per hour.

Remember Megyn Kelly is also negotiating a $20 MILLION SALARY with FOX NEWS which would give her a nice hourly wage of around $9,600.  Read that again and do the math for an average 40 hour work week.  Oh yes folks!

So I can understand that things are a little tighter for Chelsea Clinton who's hourly rate calculates to about $2,800 per hour now:

How about all these other NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS in the Clinton Crime Syndicate? And all of the churches and other organizations across America?  I guess you don't profit from a NON-PROFIT?  Sure they do:


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