Saturday, November 26, 2016

Signs, Wonders, Tarot Cards, Religion, Gold and Silver...


Are you ready for the EVIL DAY?

The god of this world is a deceiver



The world is preparing for the man of sin, the son of perdition:

This is a complex post but it needs CAREFUL STUDY:

It is your responsibility to study these matters as our CURRENT WORLD AFFAIRS are all pointing to PERILOUS TIMES AHEAD and many troubling events that shall come in rapid succession. PAY ATTENTION!

But take heed what ye hear and take heed how ye hear because there are many vain talkers and deceivers:

I notice that this ECONOMIST MAGAZINE has been showing some TAROT CARDS.  The evil men in the high places are looking at all their spiritual wickedness and are adding a load of unusual signs of their own as we enter the evil day:

I noticed Dave Acton was looking over these cards also in many of his recent videos.  It would do well to take a look at this:

Satan the god of this world is putting out loads of signs also during this time and very often the patterns of these things are lining up with world events.  Be careful however and take heed that you are not deceived by all this wickedness:

Also beware of the TRUMP TOWER and what that particular phallic symbol may have associated with it.  There are many very powerful people in these high places that are making a covenant with Death and with Hell they are in agreement.  These are very evil times!

Notice also that this ECONOMIST MAGAZINE COVER portrays "Planet Trump."  There is a big emphasis on Donald Trump and the TRUMP name today.  Take heed on who and what is being exalted today as God will judge all of this evil and even those involved that call themselves Christians will find themselves thrust out and facing the wrath of God.

Things are really starting to happen and the frequency of all of these evil tidings are on the increase: