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Sunday, November 6, 2016

President Obama encourages ILLEGALS to vote



This question is indeed about illegals or "UNDOCUMENTED" aliens:

Actress Gina Rodriguez asks President Obama about those who she considers to be citizens and their fear of voting in this election.  She calls them millennials and dreamers who are NOT DOCUMENTED but she considers them citizens. As long as she considers them citizens it's OK and whatever Obama says is OK too.  We know that we can ignore the law and just trust everything the Obama and soon to be Clinton administration does.  TRUST AND IGNORE the the obvious and just BELIEVE OUR PRESIDENT and HOLLYWOOD MOVIE ACTRESSES.  That's all that matters! 

Notice the SECOND VIDEO BELOW is by an unhappy Mexican who cannot read, speak, or understand the English language completely and is trying to defend Obama and this particular interview here.  He is completely wrong because this question truly was about illegals.  

And even if you think Obama was answering the question based on his misinterpretation of the question then why would these people who are voting be concerned about being deported? What are they concerned about?  Are they committing a crime by housing illegal aliens?  

Hollywood Actress calls UNDOCUMENTED CITIZENS "CITIZENS" in her own mind.  New definitions and interpretations are being understood today more and more regardless of law.  Just throw out the law and make your own laws and opinions:

"...and I call them citizens because they contribute to this country..."
--Gina Rodriguez

The unhappy Mexican who made this video below cannot understand English and realize that Gina Rodriguez here clearly said she considers them citizens.  Who cares if she considers them citizens? And why do they fear if they are legal?
And notice at the end of this video this guy has to show us his game of some guy running around shooting up a neighborhood.  So is he a gamer?  These gamers seem to have a fetish for domestic violence games:


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