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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I'm concerned about VOTING FOR TRUMP and GOING TO HELL now

Can a Christian vote for Donald Trump?

VOTING FOR TRUMP could send you to HELL:

You may be more than deplorable in the sight of God as a SPIRITUAL BASTARD:

This is a serious question that may have eternal consequences.  The problem is who is a real Christian?  And by that I mean who is really in Christ Jesus or saved or born again?

Perhaps even those of us who have worked in some capacity for the U.S. Government or some private banking firms even working on computers are living in sin because even the people we work for were sinning and we were partakers of their abominations and sin even by association?  

These are serious concerns because in order to get to heaven I may have to either vote for someone else or not vote at all.  Probably the best course to take is to not vote at all and then I'll be safe.  But if I don't vote am I effectively allowing an evil regime to continue leading the USA into further destruction and perdition.  Am I not taking a stand against baby killers for instance and all the rest of the perverted judgement?  

Perhaps we are all going to hell even if we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ?  I've heard sermons and even read tracts before that indicate that you can be an UNSAVED BELIEVER on the Lord Jesus Christ and still go to hell.  Even dockidds claims he has hundreds of verses to prove we can lose our salvation.

So we are in a great straight here as we try to figure out what to do to either please God or to enter into his wrath.  Maybe that prayer of Jabez is the best course after all?

So let's march on with Hillary Clinton.  She's a believer on the word of God and she even has preached before.  So you know she has a better testimony than Donald Trump the potty mouth who hates women and is a sexual predator talking about their vaginas and so forth.  Watch Hillary Clinton as she even quotes GALATIANS.  Amen Hillary preach it sister!  Maybe she's in Christ after all?  Or is she a Jezebel?

Can someone please just tell me plainly if I should vote or not at all? I can't seem to make the right decision:


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