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Thursday, November 3, 2016


What happened to our fight you wanted?

Here's a guy that blasted Bo Polny and acts like he's calling the stock market while Bo Polny was the one who was right.  What a loser this guy is!  He blocks me and then he acts like he's for freedom, liberty, and free speech yet he doesn't pay his mortgage and taxes.  This guy is a loser 100% and yet these are the ones that know everything about everything.  He's also not voting because he's so ethical that he cannot vote for either Hillary or Donald Trump and he also calls the election rigged. 

But he's going to tell everyone how wise he is in his own conceits.  He also wanted to fight me which I would still do anytime he wants it.  I don't back down.  So come on Barnone11970,  Cory C. has the boxing ring and I'm ready to go as many rounds as it takes to cold-cock you and knock you out:

You want to get physical?  Sure you do!   

barnone11970 is hoping Trump becomes president but he won't be voting. Makes sense doesn't it?  I think he's not voting because he might not want to register because he's already on the run from the government for not paying his mortgage and taxes:

I hope TRUMP gets in too and he drains the swamps around Long Island and many of you tax rebels are found out:

More GOLD and SILVER nonsense pumping...

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